Current litter: London’s Mini Poodles

London – AKC Mini Poodle

Zeus – AKC Moyen Poodle


London found a quiet spot in the house on Wednesday, March 5, and started delivering her puppies.  It was a few days before her due date.  When we heard the first squeak, we sprang into action and stayed by her side the rest of the day.  What a beautiful litter.  London gave us eight delightful mini Poodles.  They are tiny next to the Bernedoodles, but so full of life and spunk.  We have four females and four males.  Almost all are a gorgeous classic black.  There is only one who is different: an apricot girl.

We chose famous jazz artists as the litter theme since we love jazz.  The names are great too.  Who can resist a Louis Armstrong or an Ella Fitzgerald or a Duke Ellington?

What to expect

Height: 14-16 inches

Weight: 12-18 pounds

Colors: This litter includes six black puppies, one black with white markings, and one apricot puppy

Coat: Hypoallergenic with no shedding, well suited for people with allergies

Puppies from this litter

Miles Davis – Male – SOLD

Ella Fitzgerald

Charlie Parker – Male – SOLD

Dinah Washington – Female – SOLD

Duke Ellington – Male – SOLD

Louis Armstrong – Male – SOLD

Billie Holiday – Female – SOLD

Sarah Vaughan – Female – SOLD

Chava's F1 Bernedoodles

Born March 3, 2020

Chava - Bernese Mountain Dog

Zeus - Phantom Poodle

In short

Chava delivered nine beautiful puppies on Monday, Feb. 3.  They arrived in the afternoon, at a calm and comfortable pace.  She had five girls and four boys.  All the puppies were tri-colored in black and deep rust and brilliant white.  Three of them had a wide white blaze and white paws.  Others had white chins, white chests, and white-dipped paws.  Many had an angel kiss, a tiny white spot on top of their head.  It was - and still is - truly a magical litter.

We named the puppies after Greek gods and goddesses.  After all, Zeus is their father.  The puppies have all gone to their new homes.

Puppy specifics

Weight: 45-70+ pounds

Colors: This litter includes tri-colored puppies in black, rust, and white

Coat: Very low shedding, well suited for people with mild allergies

Greek gods and goddesses litter

We named the puppies after Greek gods and goddesses. After all, Zeus is their father. Greek mythology is fascinating. It consists of wonderful stories with important moral lessons, lessons we can still use today.  Even though the myths are more than 2000 years old, we can still relate to the themes and emotions explored in them.  

Calliope - Female


Iris - Female


Helios - Male

Aphrodite - Female


Athena - Female


Pallas - Male

Adonis - Male


Artemis - Female


Maia - Female

Coming soon: F1b Mini Bernedoodles

May 2020

Lucy – F1 Bernedoodle

Apollo – Mini Poodle


Lucy had her first litter last fall.  It was a gorgeous litter of fluffy F1b Bernedoodles, each one unique and charming.  Her litter included partis and tri-colored phantoms in black, rust, and white.  Lucy was bred to Apollo, our sweet tri-colored phantom Poodle, in early April.  We have great expectations as both Lucy and Apollo have beautiful coats and even temperaments.  They are both very sweet and loving.  Lucy’s list is open and filling fast.  We will only take one more deposit before birth.

What to expect

Weight: 20-35 pounds

Color: Parti and tri-colored phantoms in black, white, and rust

Coat: Fluffy coats with unique markings (hypoallergenic and very well suited for people with allergies)



Lucy’s puppies