Breed:  American Cocker Spaniel

AKC Name:  Sparkling Stella of Bluff Country

Born: June 4, 2019

Height:  Still growing

Weight: 20 pounds


Health Testing:
Stella is clear for all tested genetic conditions except one.  According to her Embark test, she is a carrier for a condition called Exercise-Induced Collapse.  As a carrier, she will never have the condition, nor will any of her offspring since we only breed to an all-clear male.   This is great since Stella loves to romp around.

About Stella

Stella is a purebred AKC-registered American Cocker Spaniel.  This girl is a joy.  She is playful and loves to run in the yard, playing with her mates and chasing balls.  She always looks over her shoulder to see if one of us humans is ready to engage.  We picked Stella and her sister Luna after a long and careful search for two puppies that would resemble our Lacey, both in looks and personality.  Stella is a beautiful girl, with freckles and the softest coat in shades of apricot and cream.   We anticipate that Stella will have her first litter in late 2020.