Becoming a guardian

It is very important to us that our puppies are family-raised.  We want them to be handled and tended to every day.  This not only stimulates growth and brain connections; it also helps socialize them so that they can become excellent pets for their future families.  None of our puppies are raised in a separate kennel.

To make this a reality, we place a few of our puppies in guardian homes.  The guardian home program is a wonderful opportunity for you to partner with us.  You get a pick-of-the-litter puppy at no cost to you.  The puppy stays with you for life, only interrupted by when he or she comes to our home for breeding.  For males, the visit usually lasts a few days.  For females, it can be up to eight weeks, as they give birth in our home and stay with their puppies until the puppies are weaned.  During that time, we invite you to come see the mama and enjoy the puppies.  We really want to share this joyful experience with you.  For each successful litter, you get a bonus.  After a certain number of successful breedings, we sign the dog over to you, and he or she is yours to keep.

If you would like to become a guardian home, please click on this link, fill out the application, and return it to us at  Even if we do not have a current opportunity, we will notify you when one comes up.  It helps us to have your application on file.




  • A high-quality dog to keep for life
  • A bonus for each successful litter
  • The joy of being part of raising beautiful puppies