Recent Litters

Raising puppies is a passion of ours.  We love the puppies from the minute they enter the world in their amniotic sacs.  It is exciting to help them grow and thrive, becoming playful and independent.  People often ask, “How can you let them go?”  Of course, it does tug at our hearts a little.  We have known them since they took their first breath.  But there is nothing better than placing a puppy into the arms of a waiting family.  It is always a joyful moment, full of smiles and happy tears.  It is hard to imagine a better job; it brings people such joy. 

Lucy’s F1b bernedoodles

Born November 28, 2021

Lucy – F1 Bernedoodle

Apollo – Miniature Poodle

In short

Lucy gave birth to her biggest litter yet.  She delivered 10 puppies, all of them healthy and beautiful.  We were expecting a big litter as she was huge before birth.  Her teats had filled up, and she was starting to leak milk.  The first puppy arrived in the middle of the night, announcing his arrival with a tiny squeak.  Each time a puppy arrived, Lucy pierced the amniotic sac with her teeth and severed the umbilical cord.  Then it was up to me.  Many of the puppies had swallowed some amniotic fluid, and I used an aspirator to remove the fluid.  Then I rubbed each puppy with a soft towel, waiting for them to give that life-affirming squeak. 

By noon, all 10 puppies had arrived: six boys and four girls. Lucy relaxed, entering a dreamy state. Her eyes were closed, but she let out a satisfied sigh from time to time, occasionally looking up to make sure each puppy was close to her.


Puppy specifics

Anticipated weight:
20-40 pounds

Colors: Traditional tricolors, tricolored partis, and tricolored phantoms

Coat: Wavy coats with minimal shedding, perfect for people with moderate to severe allergies



Soft fabrics litter 

Lucy’s puppies arrived with the first snow.  There was no doubt: winter was here.  In fact, when it came time to choose a litter theme, we were under a storm warning, with 8 inches of snow anticipated.  What could we do?  Put flannel sheets on the bed and cuddle up with fleece and wool blankets.  There was the theme: soft fabrics.

Cashmere – Male

Flannel – Male

Tweed – Male

Taffeta – Female


Velvet – Female


Lacey – Female

Corduroy – Male

Chenille – Female


Terry – Male


Jersey – Male


Chava’s F1 bernedoodles

Born December 3, 2021

Chava – Bernese Mountain Dog

Zeus – Moyen Poodle


In short

Like many of our dogs, Chava gave birth to her puppies in the dark of the night.  Chava was in our bedroom, nesting on a pile of blankets.  I had barely fallen asleep when I woke with a start. I had heard a little squeak, the sound of a newborn puppy. And true enough, there was a wet and slippery puppy next to Chava. The little girl had just taken her first breaths. I moved the puppy to our whelping room next door, and Chava followed, not wanting to let her out of her sight.  By late morning, Chava had given birth to eight beautiful puppies: five boys and three girls.  She was clearly tired and, to be honest, so was I.  I made some strong coffee and gave Chava a bowl of cottage cheese.  It is important to give a birthing mama calcium-rich supplements during and after labor and birth.  She gobbled it down, then settled in for a satisfied rest. The puppies had all found their way to her teats and were nursing peacefully.

Puppy specifics

Anticipated weight: 40-70 pounds, with most in the 50+-pound range

Colors: Traditional tricolors, tricolored phantoms, and one very unusual tricolored parti in white, black and rust

Coat: Soft, fluffy coats with a slight wave, perfect for people with mild allergies



The fruit litter

By early December, the temperature had dropped, and we had to dig out our boots, coats, hats, and mittens. Winter weather and the holiday season always make me dream of sun-kissed fruit, and this year was no exception. Fresh fruit is even more luxurious in the depth of winter. When the snow is falling, I think of sweet clementines, bright oranges studded with cloves, and cups of steaming hot quince tea. Fruit is so full of vitamin C, which helps boost our immune system and keep us healthy during the cold months.  So when Chava’s puppies arrived, there was no doubt in my mind.  They were “The Fruits.”

Persimmon – Male

Clementine – Female


Mango – Male

Peaches – Female


Kiwi – Male


Quince – Male

Pummelo – Male


Papaya – Female