F1b Bernedoodles

Due date May 14, 2021

Lucy – F1 Bernedoodle

Apollo – Miniature Poodle


We expect a beautiful litter from Lucy and Apollo. Lucy’s good looks are balanced by her sweet and affectionate temperament.  Apollo is Mr. Personality; he is all charm and can wiggle himself into anyone’s heart. Both Lucy and Apollo have striking coats in black, honey, and white.  The list for this litter is full, but we are accepting standbys in case we have extra puppies.

What to expect

Weight: 20-40 pounds

Color: Traditional tri-colored, tri-colored phantom, tri-colored parti

Coat: Soft wavy coats with minimal shedding, perfect for people with moderate to severe allergies



London’s Miniature Poodles

Born February 8, 2021

London – Miniature Poodle

Apollo – Miniature Poodle


Of any of our dogs, we can count on London to give birth in a timeframe that works perfectly for humans.  Her first puppy arrived at 9:15 pm, and she was all done two hours later, having delivered six beautiful puppies.  Her puppies were so beautiful: three in inky black, two in beautiful shades of chocolate, and one apricot with white on her chest.  This was the first time we had bred London to Apollo, and we were so impressed with the beauty and sweetness of these puppies.   

Puppy Particulars

Anticipated adult weight:
11-15 pounds

Colors: Black, brown, and apricot

Coat: Silky soft curls, absolutely minimal shedding, perfect for people with moderate to severe allergies



Luna’s Cockapoos

Born February 5, 2021

Luna – Cocker Spaniel

Apollo – Miniature Poodle


A second-time mother, Luna knew exactly what to do. When the first puppy arrived, she burst the amniotic sac, cut the umbilical cord with her teeth, and started licking her newborn.  All seven puppies arrived strong, healthy, and on the move.  Yes, on the move.  They immediately started army crawling towards her teats to find her milk.  These seven wonders continued to amaze us by meeting all developmental milestones many days before expected.

Puppy Particulars

Anticipated adult weight:
15-20 pounds

Colors: Buff, apricot, black with white markings, and tri-colored phantoms 

Coat: Soft, fluffy, wavy coats with limited shedding (well suited for people with light allergies)



Stella’s Cockapoos

Born on November 26, 2020

Stella – Cocker Spaniel

Zeus – Phantom Poodle


Stella, our lovely cocker spaniel, chose Thanksgiving Day as the day to give birth to her first litter of puppies.  We are thankful to her for waiting until after the big meal of turkey, trimmings, and pie.  She went into labor shortly before midnight and proceeded to deliver six gorgeous puppies, all of them good-size and healthy.  Stella needed a little help in freeing the puppies from their amniotic sacs and severing their umbilical cords, but then instinct kicked in.  She had become a mother, in every sense of the word.  Stella is a very caring, gentle, and responsible mother.  


Puppy Particulars

Anticipated adult weight: 20-30 pounds

Colors: Buff, apricot, black, and phantom, some with white markings

Coat: Soft, wavy coats, well suited for people with light allergies



Close to Home Litter

Stella’s puppies arrived on Thanksgiving.  We had just completed our family Thanksgiving on Zoom and were grateful that we could, indeed, find a way to be together, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The theme for this litter came naturally.  We had been staying close to home since March due to the pandemic.  We looked around our neighborhood for puppy names, and there they were.  Northeast Iowa is dotted with small towns with incredible histories, often tied to the building of the railroad.  Despite fires, tornadoes, and economic hardship, these small towns survive and find new ways to thrive. 






ELMA – Female – SOLD



HARPER – Female – SOLD

Lucy’s F1b Bernedoodles

Born November 21, 2020

Lucy – F1 Bernedoodle

Apollo – Miniature Poodle


We had been measuring Lucy’s temperature for a couple of days, and we knew she was getting close.  I was sitting at our table, whittling a little figure in basswood and enjoying the warmth from the fire, when I heard a squeak.  Was someone in distress?  I looked up, and there was Lucy……and a newborn puppy.  Lucy had given birth in her favorite location: on the brown leather couch where she likes to relax.  She continued to deliver more puppies in the whelping box.  Lucy is such a careful mother.  At one point, she looked around to see if she could find a good spot away from the newborns.  She decided to step out of the whelping box and delivered puppy number five on a towel on the floor.  Then she picked him up in her mouth and brought him back to the whelping box to join his littermates.  At the end, Lucy had delivered nine beautiful puppies, and peace settled over the room as she relaxed and let her puppies nurse.


Puppy Particulars


Anticipated adult weight: 20-40 pounds

Colors: Traditional tri-colors, tri-colored phantoms, and one parti (mostly white) with black and rust markings

Coat: Rich and fluffy coats with a wave, suited for people with moderate to severe allergies



Call the Midwife Litter

Over the last nine months, we have spent a lot of time at home due to COVID-19.  In the evening, when the puppies are settled, we like to read or watch a movie or favorite television series.  We like this particular series so much that we decided to watch it one more time, from the very beginning.  It is “Call the Midwife.” The series describes the daily drama of a group of nurses and nuns who provide midwifery services to a poor section of London in the 1950s and ’60s. It is full of drama related to pregnancy, birth, poverty, faith, and service. It is also full of human warmth, which is something we need at this time.

It seemed like an obvious choice.  While we will never be screen stars, we do some of the same work quietly behind the scenes: watching for signs of labor, assisting with deliveries, bursting amniotic sacs, cutting cords, and extracting fluids while we wait for that first breath.

Buckle – Male – SOLD

Julienne – Female – SOLD

Chummy – Female – SOLD

Monica Joan – Female – SOLD


Turner – Male – SOLD

Evangelina – Female – SOLD

Trixie – Female – SOLD

Shelagh – Female – SOLD

Timothy – Male – SOLD


Chava’s F1 Mini Bernedoodles

Born on September 4, 2020

Chava – Bernese Mountain Dog

Zeus – Phantom Poodle


Chava, our Bernese Mountain Dog, gave birth to seven beautiful puppies on a Friday in early September.  Her temperature had dropped the day before, and we anticipated that she would have the puppies during the night, but she waited until morning.  It was a long labor.  It took her 11 hours to deliver seven puppies: four boys and three girls, all of them unique and beautiful.

Chava and Zeus, our tri-colored phantom, are a winning combination.  They consistently have gorgeous puppies with the sweetest personalities.  

Puppy Particulars

Anticipated adult weight: 40-65 pounds

Colors: Tri-colored puppies in black, white, and rust, with varying amounts of white

Coat: Soft, fluffy, wavy coats (well suited for people with light allergies)



The Herbs and Spices Litter

Bernedoodles are wonderful. They add spice and flavor to our lives. So it was natural for us to choose herbs and spices as the theme for Chava’s litter of bernedoodles. We know nothing better than sitting down to a family meal at the end of the day. Our meals are always seasoned with some combination of herbs and spices: rosemary with lamb, fresh-ground pepper on a salad, sage with chicken, ginger in a stirfry, nutmeg finely grated on mashed potatoes, and so on. This summer we grew some beautiful herbs in a raised bed and dried some of them for winter. 

 Tarragon – Male




Ginger – Female

Here are just a couple of the beautiful puppies from this litter.  The others are Pepper, Nutmeg, Sage, Juniper, and Rosemary.

London’s Mini Poodles

Born August 22, 2020

London – Miniature Poodle

Zeus – Moyen Poodle


London did everything perfectly.  Three days before her due date, she found a quiet corner and jumped into a laundry basket.  The sun had just gone down.  She went on to deliver five perfect puppies in the span of 90 minutes, a record as far as we are concerned.  All five of them were male, another rarity.  Then she gave us a nod, as if to say, “You can go to bed now.  I’m all done.”  We did.

Four of the five boys have been reserved, and one is available.

Puppy Particulars


Anticipated adult weight: 14-18 pounds

Colors: Black, black with white markings, and apricot

Coat: Beautiful coats with soft curls and no shedding



The Pepper Poodles

Our theme for London’s litter of mini poodles is peppers: sweet, hot, spicy, and always tasty. Summer usually involves travel, but like most people, we stayed home this year. One of the things we did was grow tomatoes and peppers in raised beds. There is nothing better than stepping outside with a bowl and picking fresh ingredients for a colorful salad. Peppers are a treat for the senses. They are crispy and crunchy and come in an array of colors, from green to yellow, red, and purple. Their flavors are magical too. Think pico de gallo, pepper jelly, stuffed peppers, jalapeno poppers, ratatouille…..the list goes on. With the arrival of London’s puppies, we celebrate peppers.

Cayenne – Male

Hatch – Male

Pimento – Male

Cascabel – Male

Jalapeño – Male

Lacey’s Cocker Spaniels

Born July 7, 2020

Lacey – American Cocker Spaniel

Cruize – American Ccker Spaniel

In short

We love Lacey.  Not only is she a wonderful companion; she is also a great mother.  Lacey has delivered some of our most beautiful puppies, and we knew we wanted to keep her genetics in our program.  We were fortunate to find Cruize, a handsome male, just in time for breeding.  Lacey delivered five darling puppies, with adorable long and silky-soft ears.  These puppies have been such a delight for us to raise.  We will be keeping two of them in our program so that they can carry on the Lacey tradition.    

Puppy Particulars

Anticipated adult weight:
20-25 pounds

Colors:  Red and white parti, blue merle parti, chocolate merle parti

Coat: Smooth silky coats, some shedding anticipated



Lady and the Tramp Litter

We always said that if we ever had a purebred Cocker Spaniel litter, we would name the puppies after Lady and the Tramp.  This classic movie is simply beautiful.  Lady, a sweet and naive puppy lives with her human parents in comfortable circumstances.  When they have a baby, their attention turns away from her.  She goes exploring and encounters Tramp, a boy from the other side of the tracks, in this case the alley.  He teaches her about life in the street and about how to avoid the dreaded dog catcher.  The two of them have many adventures together.  Who can forget their romantic spaghetti dinner in the alley behind Tony’s restaurant?  After some scary moments, Tramp moves in with Lady and her family, and they go on to have puppies of their own, including the little rascal Scamp.


Lady – Female – Guardian Home

Scamp – Male – SOLD

Tramp – Male – SOLD


Angel – Female – SOLD

Ruby – Female – KEPT


Luna’s Cockapoos

Born July 1, 2020

Luna – American Cocker Spaniel

Zeus – Phantom Poodle

In short

Luna gave birth to her first litter of Cockapoo puppies a few days before her projected due date.  Young and strong, she persisted through 14 hours of labor and a puppy stuck in the birth canal in breech position.  At the end of the night, Luna had delivered eight beautiful puppies.  The change in her was palpable.  She went from being a carefree youngster to being a very responsible mother: caring for her newborns by gently nudging them and encouraging them to nurse.

When Luna takes a break from mothering, she joins us on the couch.  She is incredibly sweet and so observant and alert.  She loves to have one of us stroke her silky-soft ears while she looks at us with her big brown eyes.

Zeus, the father of Luna’s puppies, is very gentle too.  When he runs, he flashes before our eyes; he is that fast.  Zeus has incredible athletic ability.

Puppy Particulars

Anticipated adult weight:
20-25 pounds

Colors: Apricot, red, phantom, parti (white with black markings), and black with white markings

Coat: Soft, silky coats with limited shedding (well suited for people with light allergies)



Fireworks Litter

Luna’s due date was the Fourth of July. We had anticipated being busy in the whelping room. Instead we got to celebrate the day with the newborn puppies.

As we looked at the array of colors and compared it to the night sky, it was obvious that there could only be one theme: fireworks. Fireworks are mesmerizing, as is a litter of newborn puppies. They seem almost magical as they fill the sky with stars, comets, candles, flowers, and waterfalls of light. Like the impending birth of a puppy, fireworks leave us in suspense. We know they are coming, yet we are on the edge of our seats before each burst of light. The same was true with Luna’s litter. Each puppy burst out of the amniotic sac, with some help from mom, and emerged, dripping wet, in a beautiful color to become part of Luna’s Fireworks. 


BLAZE – Female – SOLD

COMET – Female – SOLD

STAR – Female – SOLD

BOOM – Male – SOLD







Lucy’s F1b Mini Bernedoodles

Born on May 4, 2020

Lucy – F1 Bernedoodle

Apollo – Mini Poodle

In short

Lucy has great maternal instincts.  On May 4, she gave us plenty of signals that birth was impending.  She started looking for dark, quiet places: next to our bed and under a low table.  She finally found her quiet spot in the whelping box, just as it was starting to get dark.  She created a comfortable nest, even shredding a favorite fleece blanket.  Then she proceeded to give birth, without a whimper.  Lucy delivered nine absolutely stunning puppies.  Her litter included partis and tri-colored phantoms in black, rust, and white.

Both Lucy and Apollo, the father of the litter, have beautiful coats and even temperaments.  They are very sweet and loving.  They also happen to be really good friends.  They can often be found sleeping next to each other or exploring the yard together.

All the puppies from this list were claimed before Lucy even delivered. Fortunately, Lucy’s next list is open, and we have started the process of taking deposits.  If interested, please go to our Upcoming Litters page.

Puppy Particulars

Weight: 20-35 pounds

Color: Parti and tri-colored phantoms in black, white, and rust

Coat: Fluffy coats with unique markings (hypoallergenic and very well suited for people with allergies)



The Pantomime Litter

Lucy’s and Apollo’s puppies were named after famous pantomine characters and artists.  What is pantomime?  Pantomime is a very old form of entertainment, in which the characters are silent and use elaborate gestures to express everything from actions to emotions.  It could be anything from knocking on air to pretend knocking on a door to holding both hands to the heart to indicate love.

We have a family tradition of watching pantomime, especially when we visit Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen where the longest-running pantomime theater in the world offers free performances on a spectacular peacock stage. Pantomime artists can be found in silent movies too.  You may recognize some of the names of the puppies.













London’s Mini Poodles

Born March 5, 2020

London – AKC Mini Poodle

Zeus – AKC Moyen Poodle

In short

London found a quiet spot in the house on Wednesday, March 5, and started delivering her puppies.  It was a few days before her due date.  When we heard the first squeak, we sprang into action and stayed by her side the rest of the day.  What a beautiful litter.  London gave us eight delightful mini Poodles.  At birth, they were tiny next to the Bernedoodles, but so full of life and spunk.  We received four females and four males.  

We chose famous jazz artists as the litter theme since we love jazz.  The names are great too.  Who can resist a Louis Armstrong or an Ella Fitzgerald or a Duke Ellington?

All the jazz artists have gone to their new homes.  Guess where Louis Armstrong went?  New Orleans!

Puppy Particulars

Height: 14-16 inches

Weight: 12-18 pounds

Colors: This litter included six black puppies, one black with white markings, and one apricot puppy

Coat: Hypoallergenic with no shedding, well suited for people with allergies

Famous jazz artists litter

Miles Davis – Male – SOLD

Ella Fitzgerald

Charlie Parker – Male – SOLD

Dinah Washington – Female – SOLD

Duke Ellington – Male – SOLD

Louis Armstrong – Male – SOLD

Billie Holiday – Female – SOLD

Sarah Vaughan – Female – SOLD

Chava's F1 Bernedoodles

Born March 3, 2020

Chava - Bernese Mountain Dog







Zeus - Moyen Poodle

In short

Chava delivered nine beautiful puppies on Monday, Feb. 3.  They arrived in the afternoon, at a calm and comfortable pace.  She had five girls and four boys.  All the puppies were tri-colored in black and deep rust and brilliant white.  Three of them had a wide white blaze and white paws.  Others had white chins, white chests, and white-dipped paws.  Many had an angel kiss, a tiny white spot on top of their head.  It was - and still is - truly a magical litter.

We named the puppies after Greek gods and goddesses.  After all, Zeus is their father.  The puppies have all gone to their new homes.

What to expect


Weight: 30-60 pounds, based on past litters

Colors: This litter includes tri-colored puppies in black, rust, and white

Coat: Very low shedding, well suited for people with mild allergies

Greek gods and goddesses litter

Calliope - Female - SOLD


Iris - Female - SOLD


Helios - Male - SOLD

Aphrodite - Female - SOLD




Pallas - Male - SOLD

Adonis - Male - SOLD


Artemis - Female - SOLD


Maia - Female - SOLD