F1b bernedoodles

For those who prefer a smaller dog, take a look at an F1b bernedoodle.  They, too, are incredibly charming.  An F1b bernedoodle is the result of a first-generation bernedoodle bred back to a mini poodle.  They come in a beautiful array of colors, from traditional tri-colors to tri-colored phantoms and tri-colored partis in white, black, and rust.  One of the great advantages of F1b bernedoodles is that they are very allergy-friendly, with absolutely minimal shedding.  Needless to say, we love them.  There is a special magic about the F1b bernedoodles.  They are smart, sweet, gentle, and eager to please.  To learn more about bernedoodles, please click on this link:  Our Breeds-Bernedoodles.

Lucy’s F1b bernedoodles

Born May 12, 2021

Lucy – F1 Bernedoodle

Apollo – Miniature Poodle

In short

We welcomed another litter of healthy and beautiful F1b bernedoodles: five boys and three girls.  I had brought Lucy into the bedroom the night before to see if I could catch a little sleep before the first puppy arrived. I woke up with a start an hour later. Lucy was tearing at the wall, making deep scratches with her nails. She had my attention.  She continued digging and scratching in the whelping room. Another blanket gone.  The first puppy arrived at 2:19 am, and the others followed at uneven intervals: the shortest 10 minutes and the longest three hours.  It was a long night and morning, but what a satisfying sight to see the newborns dry, warm, and napping, already looking comfortable in the world.

Puppy particulars

Anticipated adult weight: 20-40 pounds

Color: Traditional tri-colors, tri-colored phantoms, and tri-colored partis

Coat: Soft wavy coats with minimal shedding, perfect for people with moderate to severe allergies



The bread roll litter

Sometimes we give up something we love in the interest of health. Some time ago, we decided to try a low-carb diet. It worked out beautifully at first: lots of salads, vegetables, and eggs. High-quality meat. Cream in our morning coffee. But there was something missing: good home-baked bread. The pandemic kept us home for a year, and when the snow came in early winter, Sam decided to revive his baking skills. He produced the most beautiful loaf of Danish sourdough rye bread, chock-full of rye kernels. It reminded me of home. He has been kind enough to bake a weekly loaf ever since. So we decided to dedicate this litter to home-baked bread and rolls in their many forms.

Focaccia – Female

Pita – Female

Pretzel – Male


Scone – Male

Biscuit  – Female

Kaiser – Male

Chapati – Male


Hoagie – Male

Lucy’s F1b bernedoodles

Born November 21, 2020

Lucy – F1 Bernedoodle

Apollo – Miniature Poodle

In short

We had been measuring Lucy’s temperature for a couple of days, and we knew she was getting close.  I was sitting at our table, whittling a little figure in basswood and enjoying the warmth from the fire, when I heard a squeak.  Was someone in distress?  I looked up, and there was Lucy……and a newborn puppy.  Lucy had given birth in her favorite location: on the brown leather couch where she likes to relax.  She continued to deliver more puppies in the whelping box.  Lucy is such a careful mother.  At one point, she looked around to see if she could find a good spot away from the newborns.  She decided to step out of the whelping box and delivered puppy number five on a towel on the floor.  Then she picked him up in her mouth and brought him back to the whelping box to join his littermates.  At the end, Lucy had delivered nine beautiful puppies, and peace settled over the room as she relaxed and let her puppies nurse.


Puppy particulars

Anticipated adult weight: 20-40 pounds

Colors: Traditional tri-colors, tri-colored phantoms, and one parti (mostly white) with black and rust markings

Coat: Rich and fluffy coats with a wave, suited for people with moderate to severe allergies



Call the Midwife litter

Over the last nine months, we have spent a lot of time at home due to COVID-19.  In the evening, when the puppies are settled, we like to read or watch a movie or favorite television series.  We like this particular series so much that we decided to watch it one more time, from the very beginning.  It is “Call the Midwife.” The series describes the daily drama of a group of nurses and nuns who provide midwifery services to a poor section of London in the 1950s and ’60s. It is full of drama related to pregnancy, birth, poverty, faith, and service. It is also full of human warmth, which is something we need at this time.

It seemed like an obvious choice.  While we will never be screen stars, we do some of the same work quietly behind the scenes: watching for signs of labor, assisting with deliveries, bursting amniotic sacs, cutting cords, and extracting fluids while we wait for that first breath.

Buckle – Male

Julienne – Female

Chummy – Female

Monica Joan – Female


Turner – Male


Evangelina – Female

Trixie – Female


Shelagh – Female


Timothy – Male


Lucy’s F1b bernedoodles

Born on May 4, 2020

Lucy – F1 Bernedoodle

Apollo – Mini Poodle

In short

Lucy has great maternal instincts.  On May 4, she gave us plenty of signals that birth was impending.  She started looking for dark, quiet places: next to our bed and under a low table.  She finally found her quiet spot in the whelping box, just as it was starting to get dark.  She created a comfortable nest, even shredding a favorite fleece blanket.  Then she proceeded to give birth, without a whimper.  Lucy delivered nine absolutely stunning puppies.  Her litter included partis and tri-colored phantoms in black, rust, and white.

Both Lucy and Apollo, the father of the litter, have beautiful coats and even temperaments.  They are very sweet and loving.  They also happen to be really good friends.  They can often be found sleeping next to each other or exploring the yard together.

All the puppies from this list were claimed before Lucy even delivered. Fortunately, Lucy’s next list is open, and we have started the process of taking deposits.  If interested, please go to our Upcoming Litters page.

Puppy particulars

Anticipated adult weight: 20-35 pounds

Color: Traditional tri-colors, tri-colored phantoms, and tri-colored partis

Coat: Fluffy coats with unique markings (hypoallergenic and very well suited for people with allergies)



The pantomime litter

Lucy’s and Apollo’s puppies were named after famous pantomine characters and artists.  What is pantomime?  Pantomime is a very old form of entertainment, in which the characters are silent and use elaborate gestures to express everything from actions to emotions.  It could be anything from knocking on air to pretend knocking on a door to holding both hands to the heart to indicate love.

We have a family tradition of watching pantomime, especially when we visit Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen where the longest-running pantomime theater in the world offers free performances on a spectacular peacock stage. Pantomime artists can be found in silent movies too.  You may recognize some of the names of the puppies.