F1 bernedoodles

We started this business because we fell in love with bernedoodles….as have so many others.  It is no wonder that F1 bernedoodles are one of the most popular cross-breeds in America.  They seem to have it all.  They tend to be smart like their poodle father and gentle like their Bernese mountain dog mother.  They are so beautiful in their black, white, and rust coats.  It is nearly impossible to resist their playful and charming demeanor.  Please take a look at some of our previous (and precious) F1 bernedoodle litters.  You can learn more about the breed by clicking on this link:  Our Breeds-Bernedoodles.

Chava’s F1 bernedoodles

Born on September 4, 2020

Chava – Bernese Mountain Dog

Zeus – Phantom Poodle


Chava, our Bernese Mountain Dog, gave birth to seven beautiful puppies on a Friday in early September.  Her temperature had dropped the day before, and we anticipated that she would have the puppies during the night, but she waited until morning.  It was a long labor.  It took her 11 hours to deliver seven puppies: four boys and three girls, all of them unique and beautiful.

Chava and Zeus, our tri-colored phantom, are a winning combination.  They consistently have gorgeous puppies with the sweetest personalities.  

Puppy particulars

Anticipated adult weight: 40-65 pounds

Colors: Tri-colored puppies in black, white, and rust, with varying amounts of white

Coat: Soft, fluffy, wavy coats (well suited for people with light allergies)



The herbs and spices litter

Bernedoodles are wonderful. They add spice and flavor to our lives. So it was natural for us to choose herbs and spices as the theme for Chava’s litter of bernedoodles. We know nothing better than sitting down to a family meal at the end of the day. Our meals are always seasoned with some combination of herbs and spices: rosemary with lamb, fresh-ground pepper on a salad, sage with chicken, ginger in a stirfry, nutmeg finely grated on mashed potatoes, and so on. This summer we grew some beautiful herbs in a raised bed and dried some of them for winter. 

 Tarragon – Male




Ginger – Female

Here are just a couple of the beautiful puppies from this litter.  The others are Pepper, Nutmeg, Sage, Juniper, and Rosemary.

Chava's F1 Bernedoodles

Born March 3, 2020

Chava - Bernese Mountain Dog

Zeus - Phantom Poodle

In short

Chava delivered nine beautiful puppies on Monday, Feb. 3.  They arrived in the afternoon, at a calm and comfortable pace.  She had five girls and four boys.  All the puppies were tri-colored in black and deep rust and brilliant white.  Three of them had a wide white blaze and white paws.  Others had white chins, white chests, and white-dipped paws.  Many had an angel kiss, a tiny white spot on top of their head.  It was - and still is - truly a magical litter.

We named the puppies after Greek gods and goddesses.  After all, Zeus is their father.  The puppies have all gone to their new homes.

Puppy specifics

Weight: 45-70+ pounds

Colors: This litter includes tri-colored puppies in black, rust, and white

Coat: Very low shedding, well suited for people with mild allergies

Greek gods and goddesses litter

We named the puppies after Greek gods and goddesses. After all, Zeus is their father. Greek mythology is fascinating. It consists of wonderful stories with important moral lessons, lessons we can still use today.  Even though the myths are more than 2000 years old, we can still relate to the themes and emotions explored in them.  

Calliope - Female


Iris - Female


Helios - Male

Aphrodite - Female


Athena - Female


Pallas - Male

Adonis - Male


Artemis - Female


Maia - Female