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Ella’s Poodles
Born September 21, 2021

Ella – Moyen Poodle

Apollo – Miniature Poodle


Ella arrived here on Sunday in preparation for birth.  Normally she lives with a wonderful  guardian family.  To make the transition smooth, we had Ella stay with us for about three weeks in July, partly for breeding and partly so that she could reacquaint herself with us, our home, and our dogs.  When she arrived on Sunday, she wagged her tail and snuggled right up to me, licking my face.  I fell in love with her……again.

On Tuesday evening, Ella started pacing back and forth; she was restless and uncomfortable.  And then it happened.  Without Ella making a squeak, the first puppy slipped out.  It was a boy.  It did not take long before Ella was pushing again, and the second boy arrived.  Number three and four, both boys, arrived one minute apart.  In fact, one was still in the sac while the other was being delivered.

After a while, we were no longer surprised.  The boys kept coming.  As we approached midnight,
there were six of them.  Then just before the clock struck 12, the one and only girl made her appearance.  By the end of the night, we had welcomed nine beautiful pupppies: one girl and her eight handsome brothers.  It was dark and peaceful in the middle of the night.  The puppies had all found Ella’s milk, and she visibly relaxed, drifting off as the puppies were nursing.  She had done so well.    

Puppy Particulars


Anticipated adult weight: 15-20 pounds

Colors: Apricot, some with white markings; phantoms in black and rust, some with a few patches of white; and one red parti

Coat: Silky-soft coats with waves and curls developing, well suited for people with severe allergies



Fall Foliage Litter

We always choose a unique theme for each litter, one that relates to our lives in some way. Recently, I was trying to organize my art studio, which is located in a small summer kitchen on our farm. It is full of art supplies, including countless beads and semi-precious stones used to make jewelry. “There is the theme,” I thought. “Ruby is a gem, and of course her puppies are too.”

This is an exceptionally beautiful litter with markings in many colors, all set on a white background.  They really are gems: precious and sweet.  Each one is a treasure.



Sienna – Female – SOLD

If you are interested in a beautiful poodle, please email us at



Bordeaux – Male – SOLD

Crimson – Male – SOLD

Ochre – Male – SOLD


Russet – Male – SOLD



Chestnut – Male – SOLD

Cinnamon – Male – SOLD

Rusty – Male – SOLD


Copper – Male – SOLD

London’s Miniature Poodles

Born February 8, 2021

London – Miniature Poodle

Apollo – Miniature Poodle


Of any of our dogs, we can count on London to give birth in a timeframe that works perfectly for humans.  Her first puppy arrived at 9:15 pm, and she was all done two hours later, having delivered six beautiful puppies.  Her puppies were so beautiful: three in inky black, two in beautiful shades of chocolate, and one apricot with white on her chest.  This was the first time we had bred London to Apollo, and we were so impressed with the beauty and sweetness of these puppies.   

Puppy Particulars

Anticipated adult weight:
11-15 pounds

Colors: Black, brown, and apricot

Coat: Silky soft curls, absolutely minimal shedding, perfect for people with moderate to severe allergies



London’s Mini Poodles

Born August 22, 2020

London – Miniature Poodle

Zeus – Moyen Poodle


London did everything perfectly.  Three days before her due date, she found a quiet corner and jumped into a laundry basket.  The sun had just gone down.  She went on to deliver five perfect puppies in the span of 90 minutes, a record as far as we are concerned.  All five of them were male, another rarity.  Then she gave us a nod, as if to say, “You can go to bed now.  I’m all done.”  We did.

Four of the five boys have been reserved, and one is available.

Puppy Particulars


Anticipated adult weight: 14-18 pounds

Colors: Black, black with white markings, and apricot

Coat: Beautiful coats with soft curls and no shedding



The Pepper Poodles

Our theme for London’s litter of mini poodles is peppers: sweet, hot, spicy, and always tasty. Summer usually involves travel, but like most people, we stayed home this year. One of the things we did was grow tomatoes and peppers in raised beds. There is nothing better than stepping outside with a bowl and picking fresh ingredients for a colorful salad. Peppers are a treat for the senses. They are crispy and crunchy and come in an array of colors, from green to yellow, red, and purple. Their flavors are magical too. Think pico de gallo, pepper jelly, stuffed peppers, jalapeno poppers, ratatouille…..the list goes on. With the arrival of London’s puppies, we celebrate peppers.

Cayenne – Male

Hatch – Male

Pimento – Male

Cascabel – Male

Jalapeño – Male

London’s Mini Poodles

Born March 5, 2020

London – AKC Mini Poodle

Zeus – AKC Moyen Poodle

In short

London found a quiet spot in the house on Wednesday, March 5, and started delivering her puppies.  It was a few days before her due date.  When we heard the first squeak, we sprang into action and stayed by her side the rest of the day.  What a beautiful litter.  London gave us eight delightful mini Poodles.  At birth, they were tiny next to the Bernedoodles, but so full of life and spunk.  We received four females and four males.  

We chose famous jazz artists as the litter theme since we love jazz.  The names are great too.  Who can resist a Louis Armstrong or an Ella Fitzgerald or a Duke Ellington?

All the jazz artists have gone to their new homes.  Guess where Louis Armstrong went?  New Orleans!

Puppy Particulars

Height: 14-16 inches

Weight: 12-18 pounds

Colors: This litter included six black puppies, one black with white markings, and one apricot puppy

Coat: Hypoallergenic with no shedding, well suited for people with allergies

Famous jazz artists litter

Miles Davis – Male – SOLD

Ella Fitzgerald

Charlie Parker – Male – SOLD

Dinah Washington – Female – SOLD

Duke Ellington – Male – SOLD

Louis Armstrong – Male – SOLD

Billie Holiday – Female – SOLD

Sarah Vaughan – Female – SOLD

London's Mini Poodles

Born June 29, 2019

London - Miniature Poodle

Zeus - Moyen Poodle

London’s Miniature Poodles

Born 2018

London – Miniature Poodle

Terrance – Miniature Poodle

In short

London, our beautiful mini Poodle, delivered nine beautiful and healthy puppies.  We named them after trees since we love the diversity of trees found on our land, including some of the species listed here.


Height: 12-15 inches

Weight: 10-15 pounds

Colors: This litter included black, black with white markings, and brown puppies.

Coat: Non-shedding and hypoallergenic

Puppies from this litter

Aspen – SOLD

Birch – SOLD

Buckeye – SOLD

Cedar – SOLD

Chestnut – SOLD

Linden – SOLD

Maple – SOLD

Oakley – SOLD

Willow – SOLD