It is a well-known secret: cockapoos are wonderful dogs.  They make great family pets as they combine the desirable traits of being sweet, smart, and low-shedding.  They are gentle and eager to please. often cocking their head in the adorable cockapoo head tilt that says “Love me.”  For more information about cockapoos, please head to Our Breeds-Cockapoos.  As you scroll down on this page, you will meet some of our past cockapoo litters.  Please enjoy.

Luna’s cockapoos

Born February 5, 2021

Luna – Cocker Spaniel

Apollo – Miniature Poodle


A second-time mother, Luna knew exactly what to do. When the first puppy arrived, she burst the amniotic sac, cut the umbilical cord with her teeth, and started licking the newborn.  All seven puppies arrived strong, healthy, and on the move.  Yes, on the move.  They immediately started army crawling towards her teats to find her milk.  These seven wonders continued to amaze us by meeting all developmental milestones many days before expected.

Puppy particulars

Anticipated adult weight:
15-20 pounds

Colors: Buff, apricot, black with white markings, and tri-colored phantoms

Coat: Soft, fluffy, wavy coats with limited shedding (well suited for people with light allergies)



The cartography litter

Luna’s puppies were born in the winter, a time to dream of travel and other places.  The theme for the litter became cartography, the science of maps. Creating and reading maps seems to be a vanishing art. We have become so dependent on GPS systems and navigation apps that the maps that used to sit in the side pocket of the front door of our cars have made it to the back seat, the trunk, or a shelf at home. Yet I have so many good memories of reading maps from when I was a kid. Sometimes I just enjoyed browsing the atlas and dreaming of visiting other countries and continents. Welcome to the world of maps.






TOPO – Male


HEMI – Female



ATLAS – Male

Stella’s cockapoos

Born on November 26, 2020

Stella – Cocker Spaniel

Zeus – Phantom Poodle

In short

Stella, our lovely cocker spaniel, chose Thanksgiving Day as the day to give birth to her first litter of puppies.  We are thankful to her for waiting until after the big meal of turkey, trimmings, and pie.  She went into labor shortly before midnight and proceeded to deliver six gorgeous puppies, all of them good-size and healthy.  Stella needed a little help in freeing the puppies from their amniotic sacs and severing their umbilical cords, but then instinct kicked in.  She had become a mother, in every sense of the word.  Stella is a very caring, gentle, and responsible mother.


Puppy particulars

Anticipated adult weight: 20-30 pounds

Colors: Buff, apricot, black, and phantom, some with white markings

Coat: Soft, wavy coats, well suited for people with light allergies



Litter theme: Close to home

Stella’s puppies arrived on Thanksgiving.  We had just completed our family Thanksgiving on Zoom and were grateful that we could, indeed, find a way to be together, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The theme for this litter came naturally.  We had been staying close to home since March due to the pandemic.  We looked around our neighborhood for puppy names, and there they were.  Northeast Iowa is dotted with small towns with incredible histories, often tied to the building of the railroad.  Despite fires, tornadoes, and economic hardship, these small towns survive and find new ways to thrive. 






ELMA – Female



HARPER – Female

Luna’s cockapoos

Born July 1, 2020

Luna – American Cocker Spaniel

Zeus – Phantom Poodle

In short

Luna gave birth to her first litter of Cockapoo puppies a few days before her projected due date.  Young and strong, she persisted through 14 hours of labor and a puppy stuck in the birth canal in breech position.  At the end of the night, Luna had delivered eight beautiful puppies.  The change in her was palpable.  She went from being a carefree youngster to being a very responsible mother: caring for her newborns by gently nudging them and encouraging them to nurse.

Puppy prticulars

Anticipated adult weight:
20-25 pounds

Colors: Apricot, red, phantom, parti (white with black markings), and black with white markings

Coat: Soft, silky coats with limited shedding (well suited for people with light allergies)



Fireworks Litter

Luna’s due date was the Fourth of July. We had anticipated being busy in the whelping room. Instead we got to celebrate the day with the newborn puppies.

As we looked at the array of colors and compared it to the night sky, it was obvious that there could only be one theme: fireworks. Fireworks are mesmerizing, as is a litter of newborn puppies. They seem almost magical as they fill the sky with stars, comets, candles, flowers, and waterfalls of light. Like the impending birth of a puppy, fireworks leave us in suspense. We know they are coming, yet we are on the edge of our seats before each burst of light. The same was true with Luna’s litter. Each puppy burst out of the amniotic sac, with some help from mom, and emerged, dripping wet, in a beautiful color to become part of Luna’s Fireworks. 


BLAZE – Female

COMET – Female

STAR – Female

BOOM – Male


FLARE – Male

SPARKLE – Female



FLASH – Male

Lacey's cockapoos

Born November 26, 2019

Lacey - American Cocker Spaniel




T Rex - Mini Poodle

In short

Lacey went into labor on Nov. 26, 2019, five days before her official due date.  It was a long night of labor, requiring cottage cheese and a calcium boost.  As always, Lacey's puppies were just gorgeous, in colors ranging from buff to red.

This time, we picked nuts as our litter theme, partly because it was the season and partly because Cockapoos can be a little nuts.  They are so incredibly charming.  Their famous Cockapoo head tilt can make anyone's heart melt.  We were so happy to welcome Hazel, Macadamia, Chestnut (Chester), and Walnut (Wally).

Puppy particulars

Height: 12-17 inches

Weight: 18-24 pounds

Colors: As they approached their going-home date, all of the puppies had darkened into deeper reds, apricots, and buff colors.

Coat: Hypoallergenic with minimal shedding, well suited for people with mild allergies

The Nuts

CHESTNUT (Chester) - Male


WALNUT (Wally) - Male

HAZEL - Female

Lacey’s cockapoos

Born May 1, 2019

Lacey – Cocker Spaniel

Obi – Miniature Poodle

In short

Lacey gave birth to six stunning puppies on May 1, 2019.  This litter became known as the Famous Painters litter due to their colorful coats.  Each one was like a beautiful painting.  The puppies are all enjoying their new homes.


Puppy particulars

Height: 14-18 inches

Weight: 18-30 pounds

Colors: This litter included puppies with the following colors: one apricot, one apricot parti, one chocolate and white, two blue merle partis, and and one blue merle with copper points.

Coat: Low-shedding and suited for people with mild allergies

Famous painters litter

Frida Kahlo – Female

Vincent van Gogh – Male

Leonardo da Vinci – Male

Georgia O’Keefe – Female

Marc Chagall – Male

Pablo Picasso – Male