The big day

When the puppies are eight weeks old, they are ready to go to their new homes.  They are no longer dependent on their mother’s milk and are used to solid food.  They have gone through the important socialization phase and have learned to be a dog from interacting with their mama and littermates.

We offer two options:  pick-up at our home or delivery.  We work with a kind and reliable puppy transporter.  He charges a very reasonable fee, based on mileage and road time.  If interested in having your puppy delivered, we will connect you with him so that you can discuss details.

That could mean driving the puppy to your home, meeting at a park or dog-friendly coffee shop in another town, or meeting at an airport where you or a flight nanny would receive the puppy.  For those who are flying, we recommend coming to the Rochester, Minnesota (RST) airport, although Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) is also an option.  

The day when your puppy goes home is a big day for everyone involved.  It makes us happy to place your puppy in your hands or have your puppy delivered to you.  It is a day of excitement, perhaps a bit of nervous anticipation, and joy.  While we miss the puppies the instant they are gone, we feel so good knowing that they will be loved and treasured by their families.  It is truly a wonderful day.

Puppy packet and gift bag

We take great pride in sending our puppies off with complete records.   On pick-up day, you will receive a puppy packet that includes the following:

  • Letter detailing how to care for your puppy, including food, water, rest, play, bathing, and grooming
  • Bill of sale
  • Veterinary certificate of health
  • Health and genetic warranty
  • Canine health record
  • Growth chart
  • Temperament test
  • Registration papers
  • Microchip number and registration information
  • Information on puppy schedule and house training

Vet certificate of health – The state of Iowa requires a veterinary inspection before a puppy can be sold and transferred to a new home.  Think of it as a general physical.  The vet checks the puppy’s weight and temperature.  This is followed by a physical examination, checking joints, teeth, and bite.  The vet also looks for umbilical hernias.  Everything is noted on the inspection form.  We always share the results with you, and you get to take the original form with you.

Vet certificate of health

Warranty – We include a health and genetic warranty that covers the puppy’s first year of life.

Canine health record – The canine health record is a booklet that includes vital information about your puppy’s health.  In addition to birth date, it lists vaccines given (date and batch number), dewormers with dosage listed, and microchip number.  You can take this booklet to your puppy’s first vet visit and either leave it with your vet or keep it at home with your other health records.

Growth chart – We weigh the puppies as soon as they are born.  It is amazing to see how fast they grow.   They sometimes double their weight in the first week of life.  We weigh each puppy once a week and enter the weight into a growth chart.  The chart reveals growth spurts and plateaus, and it is unique to each puppy.


Cockapoo puppy at two weeks of age

Temperament test – We use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test to assess the puppies before they go to their new homes.  Each puppy goes through a series of tests to reveal personality and temperament.  For instance, one test shows the puppy’s degree of social attraction, in other words how the puppy responds to people.  Another places the puppy in a challenging situation and reveals if the puppy has a tendency to be dominant or submissive.  Other tests show sensitivity to touch, sounds, and sights.  Combined, the tests provide helpful information about your puppy. 

Registration papers – If you are getting a purebred Poodle from us, you will also be getting registration papers for the American Kennel Club (AKC).  This will include a litter certificate, showing the puppy’s pedigree.  The registration form will indicate if the puppy can be registered with breeding rights (full rights) or as a pet only (limited rights).   There are several benefits to registering your Poodle with AKC.  The registration provides 30 days of pet insurance, a free vet visit, and the ability to participate in AKC competitions, including conformation, obedience, and agility. 

Microchip – Most of our customers choose to have their puppy microchipped.  This is provided as part of the price of your puppy.  While it is hard to imagine that your puppy would become lost, it does happen.  The puppy may decide to venture out or may become spooked by something and run off. 

We use the Buddy ID system.  The microchip is inserted into the upper back of the puppy, between the shoulder blades.  Once there, it can be read immediately by a scanner.  Veterinarians and shelter all have scanners that can read a puppy’s ID, and they will be able to contact you so that you can get your puppy back as soon as possible.   This prevents a lot of heartbreak.  In order for the process to work, the microchip must be registered with Buddy ID.  You will receive information in your puppy packet about how to register.  The fee is about $25 and covers the puppy for a lifetime.  It is well worth the fee.

Gift bag – You will receive a gift bag with some nice surprises for your puppy.  It will include a sample of the puppy’s food, some treats, a starter collar, some toys, and a puppy blanket carrying mama’s and littermates’ scent.

The first night

Your puppy may be a bit lonely at first, having been used to playing and sleeping with a heap of littermates.  There is comfort in that.  You need to provide the same kind of comfort.  You may wish to have the puppy sleep in a crate near you the first nights.  That way you can reach out a hand or whisper gently to your puppy.

The main idea is to give your puppy lots of time and love during those first days.  Hold and pet the puppy.  Speak gently so your puppy can get used to your voice.  Play with your puppy: tug-of-war with a rope toy or fetch with a ball.  Just wait.  With some love and attention, your puppy will bond with you and your family in a short amount of time.