Breed:  Bernese Mountain Dog

AKC Name:  Anna’s Sweet Chava

Born:  June 15, 2016


Weight:  92 pounds


Health Testing:
Chava tested clear for all breed-specific genetic conditions through Paw Print Genetics, except one.  She is a carrier for DM.  A carrier will never have the condition.  Neither will her offspring as we only breed to an all-clear male.

About Chava

Chava is an AKC-registered purebred Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is the sweetest dog around.  Chava is all love and sometimes isn’t aware of her own size.  She loves to lean in for some love, all 92 pounds of her, and who can resist?  Her coloring is absolutely stunning.  Her coat has a beautiful sheen.  The copper shimmers in the sunlight against the black and white of her coat.  Chava is light on her feet, despite her size, and has beautiful conformation.  She is a wonderful mother who really tends to her puppies.


Breed:  American Cocker Spaniel

APRI Name:  Bluff Country’s Lovely Lacey

Born:  May 17, 2013


Weight:  24 pounds


Health Testing:
Lacey tested all clear for 165+ genetic condictions through Embark.  Her hips are OFA certified.

About Lacey

Lacey is a beautiful, freckle-faced American Cocker Spaniel.  She is purebred and registered with the APRI.  Lacey is incredibly sweet.  This girl can melt anyone’s heart.  She has a way of winning people over by first lying near their feet, then on top of them.  Soon enough she makes a graceful leap into their lap, and they are lost.  Lacey has long silky ears and a beautiful red and white coat.  She is an excellent mother with lots of experience.  It is special to watch her, from the moment she bursts the amniotic sac and leads a puppy to nursing to the time she supervises her young and gently teaches them how to be a dog.

Lacey will be retiring from breeding.  She has given us some of the sweetest, most beautiful puppies, and now it is time for her to just enjoy life as a much-loved pet.  


Breed:  Miniature Poodle

AKC Name:  Anna’s Lady London

Born:  July 7, 2016

Height:  14 inches

Weight: 13 pounds


Health Testing:
London tested clear for 165+ genetic conditions through Embark, except one.  She is a carrier for PRA.  A carrier will never have the condition.  Neither will London’s offspring as we only breed to health-tested, clear males.

About London

London is an AKC-registered purebred miniature Poodle.  She is stunning, with a pure black coat that gleams in the light.  Her coat is soft, with loose curls; they can best be described as ringlets.  London has the most beautiful eyes.  They are kind and knowing.  London is very elegant, with long legs and graceful movements.  She is an all-around sweet dog who loves to be by her people.  She is also an excellent mother, who gives birth easily and tends to her babies with great care.


Breed:  Bernedoodle (F1)

Full Name:  Luminous Lucy of Bluff Country

Born:  March 25, 2018


Weight:   45 pounds


Health Testing:
Lucy tested all clear on 165+ genetic conditions through Embark.

About Lucy

Lucy is a mini F1 Bernedoodle.  She is the daughter of Chava and Zeus and was pick of the litter for obvious reasons.  She has the much sought-after traditional tri-color coat in black, white, and rust.  She also has the sweetest personality.  Lucy is someone who loves to please.  She comes running, shakes her beautiful fur, and looks up at us with big brown eyes.  Lucy had her first litter of F1b Bernedoodles in October of 2019.  Needless to say, her puppies were gorgeous.  


Breed:  American Cocker Spaniel

Full Name:  Lady Luna of Bluff Country

Born:  June 2, 2019


Weight:   20 pounds


About Luna

Luna is a sweet American Cocker Spaniel, hailing from New Jersey.  She has a lovely coat: buff and cream with a charming smattering of freckles on her snout.  She has big brown eyes, and she looks at us as if she understands our deepest feelings.  She is a true companion.

Luna had her first litter on her second heat.  It was a gorgeous litter.  This first-time mother had all the right instincts.  She transitioned smoothly from being a carefree youngster to being an excellent mother whose first priority was her puppies. 


Breed:  American Cocker Spaniel

AKC Name:  Sparkling Stella of Bluff Country

Born: June 4, 2019

Height:  Still growing

Weight: 20 pounds


Health Testing:
Stella is clear for all tested genetic conditions except one.  According to her Embark test, she is a carrier for a condition called Exercise-Induced Collapse.  As a carrier, she will never have the condition, nor will any of her offspring since we only breed to an all-clear male.   This is great since Stella loves to romp around.

About Stella

Stella is a purebred AKC-registered American Cocker Spaniel.  This girl is a joy.  She is playful and loves to run in the yard, playing with her mates and chasing balls.  She always looks over her shoulder to see if one of us humans is ready to engage.  We picked Stella and her sister Luna after a long and careful search for two puppies that would resemble our Lacey, both in looks and personality.  Stella is a beautiful girl, with freckles and the softest coat in shades of apricot, cream, and white.  Stella had her first litter in late 2020.