Breed:  Poodle (Moyen)

AKC Name:  Mighty Zeus of Olympus

Born:  January 14, 2017

Height:  17 inches

Weight: 20 pounds

Health Testing:
Zeus tested clear for all breed-specific conditions through Paw Print Genetics.  His hips and elbows are OFA certified.

About Zeus

Zeus is the pride of our program.  He is a stunningly handsome tri-colored phantom moyen poodle, registered with the American Kennel Club.  Moyen means medium in French and is quickly becoming a very popular size for poodles.  Moyen poodles are larger than a mini poodle, but much smaller than the typical standard poodle.  It is rare to find such perfect coloring in a poodle.  Zeus is black with honey-colored legs, facial mask, and eyebrows, and a white chest.  He is the reason we have so much success in producing traditional tri-colored bernedoodles.  Zeus is swift on his feet and loves to jump.  He has a sweet and gentle personality, with not an ounce of aggression.


Breed:  Miniature Poodle

AKC Name:  Winston the Warrior of Bluff Country

Born: August 2, 2021



Health Testing:
Winston is undergoing genetic testing through Embark.

About Winston

We have been looking for a perfect red male poodle for a while, and we found him.  Winston is an absolute charmer with big, soulful eyes.  We could get lost in those eyes.  His soft, silky coat is a rich mahogany color, and he has a white patch on his chest.  Winston has the sweetest personality.  He loves to be with people.  We look forward to Winston fathering future cockapoo and poodle puppies.


Breed: Miniature Poodle

Full Name:  Handsome Apollo of Olympus

Born:  June 3, 2019


Weight:  10 pounds

Health Testing:

Apollo has tested clear for 165+ genetic conditions through Embark, a canine genetic testing service.

About Apollo

Apollo is a wonderful miniature poodle, weighing in at just a little past the upper limit for toy poodles.  He is a tri-colored phantom in the desired colors of black, tan, and white.  Apollo is everyone's sweetheart.  He loves attention and happily moves from one lap to the next.  He is a very social boy who loves to sleep next to some of the bigger dogs.  When we have puppies, he is in his element.  He loves to play with them and teach them what it means to be a dog.  Apollo has sired a number of litters, ranging from F1b bernedoodles to cockapoos to mini poodles, and they have all been stunning.  He throws the most beautiful colors.


Breed:  Miniature Poodle

AKC Name:  Wise Obi-Wan of Bluff Country

Born: April 8, 2018



Health Testing:
Obi tested all clear for 165+ genetic conditions through Embark.

About Obi

Obi is a handsome apricot miniature poodle.  He is the son of our much-loved London, who is no longer with us.  Obi is AKC-registered.  He lives with a wonderful guardian family in Minnesota and is fondly known as Taz.