Current Litters

We love welcoming puppies.  There is nothing better than sitting with a whelping mother and watching her give birth to one beautiful puppy after another.  We assist as needed: making sure each puppy gets out of the amniotic sac in a timely fashion and that mama severs the umbilical cord with her teeth.  We often extract fluids from a puppy’s lungs, throat, mouth, and nostrils and make sure we hear the life-affirming squeak that tells us that everything is okay.  Sometimes there are challenges, like stalled labor or complications of birth.  We stay ready for all kinds of situations.

Once all the puppies have safely arrived, there is a wonderful sense of peace in the whelping room.  The new mother settles down and finds a comfortable spot.  The puppies all find her teats, some with a little help.  They are warm and satisfied, ready to start their new life outside the womb.

Please enjoy a view of our current litters.

Stella’s Cockapoos

Born on November 26, 2020

Stella – Cocker Spaniel

Zeus – Phantom Poodle


Stella, our lovely cocker spaniel, chose Thanksgiving Day as the day to give birth to her first litter of puppies.  We are thankful to her for waiting until after the big meal of turkey, trimmings, and pie.  She went into labor shortly before midnight and proceeded to deliver six gorgeous puppies, all of them good-size and healthy.  Stella needed a little help in freeing the puppies from their amniotic sacs and severing their umbilical cords, but then instinct kicked in.  She had become a mother, in every sense of the word.  Stella is a very caring, gentle, and responsible mother.  


Puppy Particulars

Anticipated adult weight: 20-30 pounds

Colors: Buff, apricot, black, and phantom, some with white markings

Coat: Soft, wavy coats, well suited for people with light allergies



Close to Home Litter

Stella’s puppies arrived on Thanksgiving.  We had just completed our family Thanksgiving on Zoom and were grateful that we could, indeed, find a way to be together, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The theme for this litter came naturally.  We had been staying close to home since March due to the pandemic.  We looked around our neighborhood for puppy names, and there they were.  Northeast Iowa is dotted with small towns with incredible histories, often tied to the building of the railroad.  Despite fires, tornadoes, and economic hardship, these small towns survive and find new ways to thrive. 






ELMA – Female – SOLD



HARPER – Female – SOLD

Our customers say

Mette was amazing to work with. She responded immediately when we inquired about our boy Zimmer, answered any and all questioned we had. Her description of him was spot on, and you can tell she takes amazing care of these puppies before getting to their forever homes. She continues to post and stay in contact with us and Zimmer’s littermates’ owners. It’s so joyful for us to hear about Zimmer’s siblings, a caring touch you won’t get anywhere else besides Bluff County Bernedoodles. We are so thankful to her for allowing us to bring Zimmer into our family. He’s a healthy, loving, smart puppy. 

Derrick Oetken, Minnesota

You can’t go wrong getting a puppy from BCB! A small family operation with the puppies born and raised in their home knowing nothing but love from day one! We loved our entire experience, such great people. Our cockapoo Huck is now 9 months old, the sweetest boy ever and very healthy. We made the best decision ever to get our pup from Bluff Country!

Julie Creery, Iowa

Bluff Country Bernedoodles are fantastic at what they do! From the very first interaction, I was impressed and our entire experience was everything we expected and more. They worked with me when a late winter storm necessitated a change in pick-up plans and helped to ensure the transition to our home was easy for everyone involved. We are all in love with our sweet puppy, and highly recommend Bluff Country Bernedoodles to anyone looking to add a furry family member!

Nicci Cameron Lovell, Arizona

I highly recommend Bluff Country Bernedoodles! From the moment I found them when I was looking for a miniature Poodle, Mette has been completely nice and helpful and has answered all my many questions very promptly. She loves her dogs, is incredibly knowledgable, and raises the pups in her home with complete care and love. I just got my puppy, and he is without a doubt the cutest and sweetest puppy I’ve ever met!  It was the best decision I could have made.

Karen Rygh Traylor, Illinois